Surrogacy At ReGENESIS

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction that helps intended parents start or grow families when they can’t do so on their own.

For some couples struggling with infertility, surrogacy could be their last resort by way of enabling them to achieve their dream family!

A surrogacy arrangement involves a third-party female carrying a pregnancy for the intended parents, the so-called rent-a-womb.

Using a surrogate can be a complex and stressful process, but we are experienced in guiding patients through surrogacy, and we have the tools to assist you in navigating this option and have done it for countless couples.

Types Of Surrogacy


Traditional Surrogacy

Here, the surrogate acts as both the egg donor and the carrier [surrogate] for the embryo. As the name implies, it is traditionally performed during sexual intercourse but clinically, she could be impregnated using a process known as intrauterine insemination[ IUI].
In this IUI procedure, the doctor will transfer sperm that is taken from the biological father and will subsequently transfer that sperm into the surrogate's uterus so that fertilization may take place naturally in the tubes.
This type of surrogacy is rarely used at ReGENESIS except if the couple brought their own surrogate and fully appreciate the pros and cons of using her own eggs as well.

Gestational Surrogacy

is the more commonly used form of surrogacy especially here at ReGENESIS where the surrogate is solely a carrier and therefore has no genetic connection to the embryo/child.
Our team at Regenesis can work with you to utilize a known surrogate brought in by you, or to find an unknown surrogate brought in by us, to help create your family.

Our Promise

We are fully committed to providing our parents-to-be and surrogates with the highest quality care and compassion. Because our surrogate mothers play such a crucial role with immeasurable responsibility, we are dedicated to providing them with the utmost respect and care. With psychological counseling, consistent guidance, and proper medical care, we make sure all of our surrogate mothers are receiving everything they need for a healthy and successful pregnancy that ultimately results in the miracle of life, your new baby.

Our clinic is operated with honesty and integrity, with our team members accessible and ready to answer your questions, offer advice, and lend support at every step of your journey. Our Surrogacy Programs and other programs are designed to meet your family’s needs and requests.


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