Learning as a couple that you may not be able to produce viable gametes i.e., either eggs or sperms or both can often times be a devastating ‘news’ to the couple. But in time and with much counselling, most couples will come to terms with donor-assisted reproductive techniques otherwise known as third party reproduction.

Donor Assisted Reproduction Options

Egg Donation

In donor-egg assisted reproduction (also known as recipient cycle), young women aged 20-30years who are also healthy and intelligent are chosen as substitutes for the women for a variety of reasons including:

- Age related subfertility, the most common reason for donor egg assisted reproduction implying early menopause women in their peri-menopausal period. This is because female age is one of the most important factors in human reproduction.
- Those born without ovaries, or with ovaries that do not function properly and therefore cannot produce eggs.
- Those who have had their ovaries damaged either by cancer or during its treatment or other disease hindering egg formation.
Understanding the reasons for these reasons help to make the procedure successful. In some cases our clients come to see us with a family member or friend willing to donate eggs, while at other times they choose suitable donors from our donor programme.

Sperm Donation

In the situation where the male partner has poor sperm quality and, or quantity or worse still no sperms whatsoever (Oligospermia), Sperm donors could be an option to provide good quality semen for assisted reproductive techniques. This is mostly applicable either for intrauterine insemination (IUI) or for InVitro Fertilization (IVF)

Choosing Egg or Sperm Donors

This is one of the most emotional part of your journey to parenthood as most couples are concerned with the genetic make-up of their children. As such, selecting a suitable Donor that attempts to meet your desired expectation and criteria is paramount to us at ReGENESIS including a detailed history of the donors, their physical appearance and characteristics, education level, etc.

Also at ReGENESIS, we grant every couple the option of either providing the donor/s themselves or accessing from one of our pool of donors. Most couples prefer anonymous donors otherwise we will be willing to arrange a meeting between our clients and their Donors.


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